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Sumondo aims to help people around the world to monitor and relieve their day-to-day stress in order to make their lives healthy and more productive

sumondo stress app


It is a medically approved app that together with a smart Bluetooth chest strap monitors your stress level and helps you control it

Stress monitoring

Precise & real time stress monitoring is possible by using our smart app. Order your sensor and start monitoring your stress for better health and productivity at work.



Stress management

Smart & feedback based app you could use for managing your stress. stressgraph app shows stress, relaxation in real time or in history through which you could better manage on your stress.

Performance or productivity tips

Studies have shown, that if you are stressed, you can not be productive. Rather the good decision making power is also lost.




More than three years of research has gone into development of the algorithm
of the analytical software based on HRV.


More than three years of research has gone into developing algorithms and analytical software that accurately measures stress levels


Works with chest straps

Buy a new sensor for using our premium app - Stress graph
If you have smart bluetooth based strap(HR sensor), the premium app could be used with that. Make sure while using the app, you are in still condition. Once the app is connected, it will automatically start taking the measurement of your stress.

Stress management

Buy paid app for management features
You need to buy our paid stressgraph app for managing your stress. For advanced features, you can buy tested sensor + paid app.

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We are committed people with lot of industry experience. Our office is located in Copenhagen.

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Sumondo will soon launch Sumondo Pro App and is looking for partners within medical domain, government and private workplaces. Drop us an email at info@sumondo.dk


sumondo stress app